Table 2

Overview of lncRNA role in regulating innate cells in the TIME

LncRNACancer typesImmune cellsRegulated targetsMechanismsReference
Lnc-MCMacrophagemiR-199a-5p/ACVR1BLnc-MC participates in macrophage differentiation via regulating miR-199a-5p/ACVR1B axis12
GNAS-AS1BCMacrophagemiR-433/GATA3miR-433/GATA3 axis promotes M2 macrophage polarization12
LINC00662HCCMacrophageWnt/β-cateninLINC00662 activates Wnt/β-catenin signaling to promote M2 macrophage polarization12
MALAT1HCCMacrophagemiR-140/VEGFMALAT1 inhibits M1 macrophage polarization via regulating miR-140/VEGF axis12
ANCRGCMacrophageFoxO1ANCR promotes FoxO1 degradation, thereby inhibits M1 macrophage polarization12
XISTBCMacrophagemiR-503XIST increases the secretion of exosomes miR-503, which can induce M1/M2 polarization12
CamK-ABCMacrophageNF-κBCamK-A activates NF-κB, then promotes macrophage recruitment12
Lnc01116GliomaNeutrophilIL-1βLnc01116 promotes neutrophil recruitment through increasing IL-1β expression12
Lnc-CD56NKsCD56Lnc-CD56 promotes NKs maturation via increasing CD56 expression12
Lnc00657CCNKsmiR-20a-5p/DR5Lnc00657 enhances the cytotoxicity of NKs via regulating miR-20a-5p/DR5 axis12
LncGAS5HCCNKsmiR-544/RUNX3LncGAS5 induces NKs to secrete IFN-γ through regulating miR-544/RUNX3 axis12
Lnc-DCDCsSTAT3Lnc-DC interacts with STAT3 to promote DCs differentiation12
HOTAIRM1DCsmiR-3960HOTAIRM1 suppresses DCs differentiation via binding to miR-396012
Lnc-Dpf3DCsHIF-1αLnc-Dpf3 inhibits DCs migration via inhibiting HIF-1α mediated Ldha expression12
AK036396MDSCsFcnbAK036396 inhibits the maturation of MDSCs by enhancing Fcnb stability12
RNCR3MDSCsmiR-185-5p/ChopRNCR3 acts as a competitive RNA to promote the differentiation of MDSCs via the miR-185-5p/Chop pathway12
MIR4435-2HGCRCNeutrophilBIMMIR4435-2HG inhibits BIM expression, resulting in decreased neutrophil apoptosis13

BC, breast cancer; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; GC, gastric cancer; CC, cervical cancer; CRC, colorectal cancer; NKs, natural killer cells; DCs, dendritic cells; MDSCs, myeloid-derived suppressor cells.