Table 6

Univariate analyses for the prognoses of pT1N2 gastric cancer patients

Variables5-year OS rateP
Age (years)0.427
 < 6092.30%
 ≥ 6080.00%
Tumor size (cm)0.459
 ≤ 291.70%
 > 281.80%
Tumor location0.555
Gross type0.149
Degree of differentiation0.815
Examined lymph node0.936
Her-2 status0.815
Depth of tumor invasion0.491
Lymphovascular invasion0.147
Treatment after surgery0.528

Tub, tubular adenocarcinoma; Por, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma; Sig, signet-ring cell carcinoma; Muc, mucinous adenocarcinoma; T1a, mucosal invasion; T1b, submucosal invasion; OS, overall survival.