Table 1

The immune characteristics of tertiary lymphoid structures in cancers

Characteristic detecting markersSubpopulation markersPrognosesReference
B cell zoneCD20+B cellsNaïve B cells: CD19+CD20+IgD+No evaluation13,17,18
Memory B cells: CD19+CD20+CD27+No evaluation13,17,18
PCs: CD20CD27+CD38+CD138+Favorable13,19,20
Plasma blasts: CD20CD27+ CD38+Favorable13,19,20
FDC: CD21+, CD35+, CD23+, all the markers also expressed on B cellsFavorable13,19,20
Tfh: CD4+CXCR5+Bcl6+Favorable19,20,36
Tfr: CD4+CXCR5+foxp3+No evaluation68,69
GC: Bcl-6+CD20+B cells, or Ki67+CD20+ B cellsFavorable12,13,18
Breg: IL-10+IgA+CD19+Unfavorable57,58
Macrophage: CD68+Unfavorable64
T cell zoneCD3+T cells, orNaïve T cell: CCR7+CD45ROT cellsNo evaluation12
CD4+T cells orMemory T cells: CD45RO+CD45RAT cellsFavorable12
CD8+T cellsTregs: CD4+foxp3+T cellsUnfavorable13,61
CTL: CD8+ Granzyme B+ T cellsFavorable12,13,61
Helper T cells: T-bet+Th1Favorable12,15
    GATA3+ Th2Unfavorable64
    RORγt+ Th17No evaluation64
DC: LAMP3+ or CD83+ or CD86+Favorable12,13
HEVPNAdPNAd or MECA79Favorable17
ChemokinesCXCL13/CXCL12CCL-2,3,4,5,8,18,19,21; CXCL-9, 10,11,12,13Favorable16,17,18