Table 5

Current modalities of cellular immunotherapy: pros and cons

Clinical indicationsDisadvantages needed to be improved
CAR-T-cell therapy1.This therapy elicits rapid and high response in refractory cases1.This therapy has non-durable efficacy
2.CAR-T therapy may be an effective way to induce remission and serve as a “bridge to transplant”2.Suitable targets as effective as CD19 in non-B-cell malignancies are lacking
3.Toxicity is unavoidable and unpredictable
NK cell-based therapy1.NK cells provide an “off-the-shelf” product and could be readily available for immediate clinical use1.The efficacy of adoptively transferred allogeneic NK cell infusion is relatively limited
2.NK cell-based therapy could be applied in refractory, MRD positive, or remission cases in non- transplant settings, and could complement HSCT2.CAR-modified NK cell therapy is largely in the preclinical phase
Allo-HSCTThis therapy is currently the only curative option for hematologic malignancy1.There is a certain incidence of transplant related mortality
2.GvHD might affect quality of life