Applications of QD-based multimodality imaging for tumor.

ProbesModalitySize (nm)ApplicationReferences
64Cu-DOTA to CdTe/ZnS (QD705)PET/opticalNDTumor vasculature imaging[100,122,123]
64Cu-DOTA to CdSe/ZnS (QD525, QD800)PET/opticalNDQuantitative biodistribution in living mice[124]
Gd-DOTA to CdSeTe/CdS/glutathioneMRI/optical7 to 10Lymph node imaging of mouse[125]
Iron oxide and CdSe/ZnS micelleMRI/optical6.7Simultaneous targeted drug delivery and dual-mode imaging of tumor tissues by near-infrared fluorescence and NMR spectroscopy[126]
Resolve Al-Gd and CdSe/ZnS micelleMRI/optical18Tracing blood circulation in vivo[127]
Gd-lipid in coating and CdSe/ZnS/silicaMRI/optical15Tumor angiogenesis imaging[115]
MnCdTeSe/CdSMRI/optical4 to 50Pancreatic cancer imaging[128]