Vol 14, No 3

August 2017

Table of Contents


2016 Chinese expert consensus and guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma PDF HTML
Ming Gao, Minghua Ge, Qinghai Ji, Ruochuan Cheng, Hankui Lu, Haixia Guan, Li Gao, Zhuming Guo, Tao Huang, Xiaoming Huang, Xiaoming Li, Yansong Lin, Qinjiang Liu, Xin Ni, Yi Pan, Jianwu Qin, Zhongyan Shan, Hui Sun, Xudong Wang, Zhengang Xu, Yang Yu, Daiwei Zhao, Naisong Zhang, Sheng Zhang, Ying Zheng, Jingqiang Zhu, Dapeng Li, Xiangqian Zheng, Chinese Association of Thyroid Oncology (CATO), Chinese Anti-Cancer Association 203-211


Nanotechnology-based combination therapy for overcoming multidrug-resistant cancer PDF HTML
Meng Zhang, Ergang Liu, Yanna Cui, Yongzhuo Huang 212-227
Recent progress on nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems for cancer therapy PDF HTML
Yanru Xin, Mingming Yin, Liyuan Zhao, Fanling Meng, Liang Luo 228-241
Natural and artificial small RNAs: a promising avenue of nucleic acid therapeutics for cancer PDF HTML
Sunny Yadav, Mamta Shekhawat, Devashree Jahagirdar, Nilesh Kumar Sharma 242-253
Aberrant control of NF-κB in cancer permits transcriptional and phenotypic plasticity, to curtail dependence on host tissue: molecular mode PDF HTML
Spiros A. Vlahopoulos 254-270
Preclinical and clinical applications of specific molecular imaging for HER2-positive breast cancer PDF HTML
Wei Chen, Xiaofeng Li, Lei Zhu, Jianjing Liu, Wengui Xu, Ping Wang 271-280
Survival after pulmonary metastasectomy in colorectal cancer patients: does a history of resected liver metastases worsen the prognosis? A literature review PDF HTML
Jon Zabaleta, Borja Aguinagalde, Iker Lopez, Arantza Fernandez-Monge, Jose M. Izquierdo, Jose I. Emparanza 281-286

Original Article

BRAF mutation in colorectal carcinomas with signet ring cell component PDF HTML
Serap Yalcin, Onder Onguru 287-292
Inhibition of IKK-NFκB pathway sensitizes lung cancer cell lines to radiation PDF HTML
Avgi Tsolou, Maria Liousia, Dimitra Kalamida, Stamatia Pouliliou, Alexandra Giatromanolaki, Michael Koukourakis 293-301
BsmI (rs1544410) and FokI (rs2228570) vitamin D receptor polymorphisms, smoking, and body mass index as risk factors of cutaneous malignant melanoma in northeast Italy PDF HTML
Sabina Cauci, Vincenzo Maione, Cinzia Buligan, Martina Linussio, Diego Serraino, Giuseppe Stinco 302-318
Expression levels of β-catenin and galectin-3 in meningioma and their effect on brain invasion and recurrence: a tissue microarray study PDF HTML
Rehab Allah Ahmed, Abdelhadi M Shebl, Hany Onsy Habashy 319-326
Potential predictive factors for pathologic complete response after the neoadjuvant treatment of rectal adenocarcinoma: a single center experience PDF HTML
Feryel Letaief, Meher Nasri, Mouna Ayadi, Khedija Meddeb, Amina Mokrani, Yosra Yahyaoui, Nesrine Chraiet, Henda Raies, Amel Mezlini 327-334