Vol 13, No 3

September 2016 (Special Issue on Cancer Nanomedicine)

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Preface

Nanomedicine has opened new avenues for cancer diagnosis and therapy PDF HTML
Zhi-Fei Dai 297-298


Advances in biodegradable nanomaterials for photothermal therapy of cancer PDF HTML
Chao-Feng He, Shun-Hao Wang, Ying-Jie Yu, He-Yun Shen, Yan Zhao, Hui-Ling Gao, Hai Wang, Lin-Lin Li, Hui-Yu Liu 299-312
Nanomaterials incorporated ultrasound contrast agents for cancer theranostics PDF HTML
Lei Fu, Heng-Te Ke 313-324
Recent advances of sonodynamic therapy in cancer treatment PDF HTML
Guo-Yun Wan, Yang Liu, Bo-Wei Chen, Yuan-Yuan Liu, Yin-Song Wang, Ning Zhang 325-338
Multimodality imaging in nanomedicine and nanotheranostics PDF HTML
Xue Li, Xue-Ning Zhang, Xiao-Dong Li, Jin Chang 339-348
Clinical management of myelodysplastic syndrome/myeloproliferative neoplasm overlap syndromes PDF HTML
Joseph A. Clara, David A. Sallman, Eric Padron 360-372
The role of radiotherapy in the management of localized soft tissue sarcomas PDF HTML
Siaw Sze Tiong, Colleen Dickie, Rick L. Haas, Brian O’ Sullivan 373-383

Original Article

Near-infrared dye-loaded magnetic nanoparticles as photoacoustic contrast agent for enhanced tumor imaging PDF HTML
Chuang Gao, Zi-Jian Deng, Dong Peng, Yu-Shen Jin, Yan Ma, Yan-Yan Li, Yu-Kun Zhu, Jian-Zhong Xi, Jie Tian, Zhi-Fei Dai, Chang-Hui Li, Xiao-Long Liang 349-359
Implantable port thrombosis in cancer patients: a monocentric experience PDF HTML
Manel Dridi, Nesrine Mejri, Soumaya Labidi, Mehdi Afrit, Houda El Benna, Khaoula Ben Miled, Hamouda Boussen 384-388

Case Report

Primary peritoneal carcinoma metastasizing to breast: a single case report and literature review from clinic to biology PDF HTML
Ji-Yuan Sun, Wondwossen Gebre, Yi-Min Dong, Xiao Shaun, Rachel Robbins, Alida Podrumar 389-395
Sarcoidosis imitating breast cancer metastasis: a case report and literature review PDF HTML
Teimuraz Kochoyan, Mobil Akhmedov, Alexander Shabanov, Ilya Terekhov 396-398
Occurrence of lymphoma in non-gonadal organ during pregnancy: a report on four cases and literature review PDF HTML
Da-Lin Gao, Qian-Qian Fu, Tian-Tian Zhang, Lin Sun, Yi Pan, Qiong-Li Zhai 399-403