Vol 12, No 3

September 2015 (Special Issue on Cancer Nanomedicine)

Table of Contents

Acute coronary syndrome: a rare case of multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes with pheochromocytoma and medullary thyroid carcinoma PDF HTML
Alessadro Maloberti, Paolo Meani, Roberto Pirola, Marisa Varrenti, Marco Boniardi, Anna Maria De Biase, Paola Vallerio, Edgardo Bonacina, Giuseppe Mancia, Paola Loli, Cristina Giannattasio 255-258


Advances in cancer nanomedicine PDF HTML
Lin-Tao Cai, Zong-Hai Sheng 141-142


Ultrasensitive detection of DNA and protein markers in cancer cells PDF HTML
Irina V. Smolina, Natalia E. Broude 143-149
Texosome-based drug delivery system for cancer therapy: from past to present PDF HTML
Hamideh Mahmoodzadeh Hosseini, Raheleh Halabian, Mohsen Amin, Abbas Ali Imani Fooladi 150-162

Original Article

Human induced pluripotent stem cells labeled with fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles for targeted imaging and hyperthermia therapy for gastric cancer PDF HTML
Chao Li, Jing Ruan, Meng Yang, Fei Pan, Guo Gao, Su Qu, You-Lan Shen, Yong-Jun Dang, Kan Wang, Wei-Lin Jin, Da-Xiang Cui 163-174
Polymeric nanocomposites loaded with fluoridated hydroxyapatite Ln3+ (Ln = Eu or Tb)/iron oxide for magnetic targeted cellular imaging PDF HTML
Jie Pan, Wei-Jiao Liu, Chao Hua, Li-Li Wang, Dong Wan, Jun-Bo Gong 175-183


Single-cell analyses of circulating tumor cells PDF HTML
Xi-Xi Chen, Fan Bai 184-192
Reality of evidence-based practice in palliative care PDF HTML
Claire Visser, Gina Hadley, Bee Wee 193-200
Fueling the engine and releasing the break: combinational therapy of cancer vaccines and immune checkpoint inhibitors PDF HTML
Jennifer Kleponis, Richard Skelton, Lei Zheng 201-208
Advances in immunotherapy for treatment of lung cancer PDF HTML
Jean G. Bustamante Alvarez, María González-Cao, Niki Karachaliou, Mariacarmela Santarpia, Santiago Viteri, Cristina Teixidó, Rafael Rosell 209-222
Development of targeted therapies in treatment of glioblastoma PDF HTML
Yuan-Yuan Xu, Pei Gao, Ying Sun, You-Rong Duan 223-237
Female breast cancer in Vietnam: a comparison across Asian specific regions PDF HTML
Phuong Dung (Yun) Trieu, Claudia Mello-Thoms, Patrick C. Brennan 238-245

Original Article

Quantitative proteomic analysis for high-throughput screening of differential glycoproteins in hepatocellular carcinoma serum PDF HTML
Hua-Jun Gao, Ya-Jing Chen, Duo Zuo, Ming-Ming Xiao, Ying Li, Hua Guo, Ning Zhang, Rui-Bing Chen 246-254


Erratum to Assays for predicting and monitoring responses to lung cancer immunotherapy PDF HTML
Cristina Teixidó, Niki Karachaliou, Maria González-Cao, Daniela Morales-Espinosa, Rafael Rosell 259