Vol 11, No 4: December 2014

Table of Contents

Sequential maximum androgen blockade (MAB) in minimally symptomatic prostate cancer progressing after initial MAB: two case reports PDF HTML
Mohan Hingorani, Sanjay Dixit, Fahim Bashir, Mohammad Butt, Simon Hawkyard, Richard Khafagy, Andrew Robertson 277-280
Report on the 9th International Congress on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies PDF HTML
Yan Li, Yang Yu, Yang Liu 281-284


Minimally invasive local therapies for liver cancer PDF HTML
David Li, Josephine Kang, Benjamin J. Golas, Vincent W. Yeung, David C. Madoff 217-236
Combining targeted therapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of metastatic melanoma PDF HTML
Teresa Kim, Rodabe N. Amaria, Christine Spencer, Alexandre Reuben, Zachary A. Cooper, Jennifer A. Wargo 237-246
Recent advances in lymphatic targeted drug delivery system for tumor metastasis PDF HTML
Xiao-Yu Zhang, Wei-Yue Lu 247-254
Emerging function of mTORC2 as a core regulator in glioblastoma: metabolic reprogramming and drug resistance PDF HTML
Si-Han Wu, Jun-Feng Bi, Timothy Cloughesy, Webster K. Cavenee, Paul S. Mischel 255-263

Original Article

Argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region in MIB-1 positive cells in non-small cell lung cancer: clinicopathological significance and survival PDF HTML
Dmitriy Sergeevich Kobyakov, Ashot Merudzhanovich Avdalyan, Aleksandr Fedorovich Lazarev, Elena Leonidovna Lushnikova, Lev Moiseevich Nepomnyashchikh 264-269
Effect of EGFR-TKI retreatment following chemotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients who underwent EGFR-TKI PDF HTML
Guo-Hao Xia, Yun Zeng, Ying Fang, Shao-Rong Yu, Li Wang, Mei-Qi Shi, Wei-Li Sun, Xin-En Huang, Jia Chen, Ji-Feng Feng 270-276