Vol 10, No 4

December 2013

Table of Contents

Rare myeloid sarcoma/acute myeloid leukemia with adrenal mass after allogeneic mobilization peripheral blood stem cell transplantation PDF HTML
Ya-Fei Wang, Qian Li, Wen-Gui Xu, Jian-Yu Xiao, Qing-Song Pang, Qing Yang, Yi-Zuo Zhang 232-235


Global progress against cancer—challenges and opportunities PDF HTML
Frédéric Biemar, Margaret Foti 183-186


Asian trends in primary androgen depletion therapy on prostate cancer PDF HTML
Hideyuki Akaza 187-191
Therapeutic resistance in cancer: microRNA regulation of EGFR signaling networks PDF HTML
German G. Gomez, Jill Wykosky, Ciro Zanca, Frank B. Furnari, Webster K. Cavenee 192-205
Why bortezomib cannot go with ‘green’? PDF HTML
Li Jia 206-213
Translational genomics in cancer research: converting profiles into personalized cancer medicine PDF HTML
Lalit Patel, Brittany Parker, Da Yang, Wei Zhang 214-220

Original Article

Effects of HLEC on the secreted proteins of epithelial ovarian cancer cells prone to metastasize to lymph nodes PDF HTML
Xin-Ying Zhang, Fu-Qiang Yin, Li Liu, Ting Gao, He-Yun Ruan, Xiao Guan, Ying-Xin Lu, Dan-Rong Li 221-226
Analysis of 30 patients with persistent or recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix within one year after concurrent chemoradiotherapy PDF HTML
Shi-Ping Liu, Jia-Xin Yang, Dong-Yan Cao, Keng Shen 227-231