Vol 17, No 1

February 2020

Table of Contents


A powerful HUPAN on a pan-genome study: significance and perspectives PDF
Yingyan Yu, Chaochun Wei 1-5
CRISPR-Cas13a system: a novel approach to precision oncology PDF
Junxia Zhang, Yongping You 6-8


Epigenetic N6-methyladenosine modification of RNA and DNA regulates cancer PDF
Zhixian Liang, Reilly L. Kidwell, Haijing Deng, et al. 9-19
COX-2 as a potential biomarker and therapeutic target in melanoma PDF
Diana Valentina Tudor, Ioana Bâldea, Mihai Lupu, et al. 20-31
Targeting and exploitation of tumor-associated neutrophils to enhance immunotherapy and drug delivery for cancer treatment PDF
Yuting Zhang, Guoqiang Liu, Miaomiao Sun, et al. 32-43
Metabolic reprogramming in triple-negative breast cancer PDF
Zhanyu Wang, Qianjin Jiang, Chenfang Dong 44-59

Original Article

Preparation, characterization, pharmacokinetics and anticancer effects of PEGylated β-elemene liposomes PDF
Bingtao Zhai, Qibiao Wu, Wengang Wang, et al 60-75
Identification of a potential tumor suppressor gene, UBL3, in non-small cell lung cancer PDF
Xinchun Zhao, Yongchun Zhou, Qian Hu, et al. 76-87
27-Hydroxycholesterol-induced EndMT acts via STAT3 signaling to promote breast cancer cell migration by altering the tumor microenvironment PDF
Kailin Jiao, Jing Zhen, Maoxuan Wu, et al. 88-100
MicroRNA-6744-5p promotes anoikis in breast cancer and directly targets NAT1 enzyme PDF
Sharan Malagobadan, Chai San Ho, Noor Hasima Nagoor 101-111
Downregulation of SNRPG induces cell cycle arrest and sensitizes human glioblastoma cells to temozolomide by targeting Myc through a p53-dependent signaling pathway PDF
Yulong Lan, Jiacheng Lou, Jiliang Hu, et al. 112-131
Synthetic and immunological studies on the OCT4 immunodominant motif antigen-based anti-cancer vaccine PDF
Tingting Chen, Kan Liu, Jiangyao Xu, et al. 132-141
The role of bone marrow-derived cells in the origin of liver cancer revealed by single-cell sequencing PDF
Lu Chen, Xianfu Yi, Piao Guo, et al. 142-153
Neutrophil extracellular traps mediate the crosstalk between glioma progression and the tumor microenvironment via the HMGB1/RAGE/IL-8 axis PDF
Caijun Zha, Xiangqi Meng, Lulu Li, et al 154-168
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition status of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer and its clinical relevance PDF
Jiaojiao Zhou, Xuan Zhu, Shijie Wu, et al. 169-180
A systematic review of metabolomic profiling of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer PDF
Sha Huang, Yang Guo, Zhexuan Li, et al. 181-198
Clinical characteristics and work-up of small to intermediate-sized pulmonary nodules in a Chinese dedicated cancer hospital PDF
Xiaonan Cui, Daiwei Han, Marjolein A. Heuvelmans, et al. 199-207
Biomarkers of cetuximab resistance in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma PDF
Olivia Leblanc, Sophie Vacher, Charlotte Lecerf, et al 208-217
Characterization of 500 Chinese patients with cervical esophageal cancer by clinicopathological and treatment outcomes PDF
Peinan Chen, Xueke Zhao, Fuyou Zhou, et al 218-226
Establishment of a prognostic scoring model for regional recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma after neck dissection PDF
Xiaoyun Li, Chao Lin, Jinjie Yan, et al. 227-236
The role of a drug-loaded poly (lactic co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) copolymer stent in the treatment of ovarian cancer PDF
Yanqing Wang, et al, Xiaoyin Qiao, Xiao Yang, et al. 237-250


Erratum to Inactivation of FOXO1 induces T follicular cell polarization and involves angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma PDF
Meifang Xu, Fei Wang, Hong Chen, et al. 251
Erratum to Circular RNAs and human glioma PDF
Jinglei Liu, Kun Zhao, Nunu Huang, et al. 252