Vol 16, No 4

November 2019

Table of Contents


Capture a live-photo of tumor infiltrating T cell landscape at single cell resolution PDF HTML
Xin Dong, Ruidong Xue 619-622
Clinical proteomics: a driving force for cancer therapeutic target discovery and precision medicine PDF HTML
Hao Wang, Na Jiang, Yali Zhang, et al 623-629


The crosstalk between autophagy and ferroptosis: what can we learn to target drug resistance in cancer? PDF HTML
Yulu Zhou, Yong Shen, Cong Chen, et al. 630-646
Technical advances in NK cell-based cellular immunotherapy PDF HTML
Fang Fang, Wei Wang, Minhua Chen, et al. 647-654
The potential mechanism, recognition and clinical significance of tumor pseudoprogression after immunotherapy PDF HTML
Wenxiao Jia, Qianqian Gao, Anqin Han, et al 655-670
Crucial role of Anxa2 in cancer progression: highlights on its novel regulatory mechanism PDF HTML
Tong Wang, Zhiyong Wang, Ruifang Niu, et al. 671-687
The challenge of drug resistance in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a current overview PDF HTML
Francisco Quiñonero, Cristina Mesas, Kevin Doello, et al. 688-699
Tobacco, air pollution, environmental carcinogenesis, and thoughts on conquering strategies of lung cancer PDF HTML
Guangbiao Zhou 700-713
Low-frequency HIFU induced cancer immunotherapy: tempting challenges and potential opportunities PDF HTML
Guilian Shi, Mingchuan Zhong, Fuli Ye, et al. 714-728

Original Article

PADI3 induces cell cycle arrest via the Sirt2/AKT/p21 pathway and acts as a tumor suppressor gene in colon cancer PDF HTML
Xiaotian Chang, Zhengbin Chai, Jiaorui Zou, et al. 729-742
Inactivation of FOXO1 induces T follicular cell polarization and involves angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma PDF HTML
Meifang Xu, Fei Wang, Hong Chen, et al. 743-755
Human natural killer cells for targeting delivery of gold nanostars and bimodal imaging directed photothermal/photodynamic therapy and immunotherapy PDF HTML
Bin Liu, Wen Cao, Jin Cheng, et al. 756-770
ILF2 cooperates with E2F1 to maintain mitochondrial homeostasis and promote small cell lung cancer progression PDF HTML
Meng Zhao, Yahui Liu, Jiao Chang, et al. 771-783
Omics-based integrated analysis identified ATRX as a biomarker associated with glioma diagnosis and prognosis PDF HTML
Yingbin Xie, Yanli Tan, Chao Yang, et al. 784-796
Nomogram based on albumin-bilirubin grade to predict outcome of the patients with hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma after microwave ablation PDF HTML
Chao An, Xin Li, Xiaoling Yu, et al. 797-810
The correlation and overlaps between PD-L1 expression and classical genomic aberrations in Chinese lung adenocarcinoma patients: a single center case series PDF HTML
Jianghua Wu, Wei Sun, Haiyue Wang, et al. 811-821


Breast cancer screening guideline for Chinese women PDF HTML
China Anti-Cancer Association, National Clinical Research Center for Cancer (Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital) 822-824

Guideline Interpretation

Interpretation of breast cancer screening guideline for Chinese women PDF HTML
Yubei Huang, Zhongsheng Tong, Kexin Chen, et al. 825-835


Erratum to Simultaneous inhibition of PI3Kα and CDK4/6 synergistically suppresses KRAS-mutated non-small cell lung cancer PDF HTML
Yuxiang Wang, Xian Li, Xueling Liu, et al. 836