Information For Authors

Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines.

Please read the following online submission guidance from THOMSON REUTERS for reference.

To submit a manuscript in the ScholarOne Manuscripts system, we have created general guidelines for the submission process.  (Some aspects of the submission process may vary depending on how the journal has configured the site.)

Log In
The login page gives you three options:

1. Log in with your known User ID and Password
2. Check to see if you have an existing account via Password Help
3. Create a new account (this option is only available if the journal allows users to create their own accounts)

Enter your Author Center
To begin a new submission, check a previous submission, continue a submission begun earlier, or submit a revised manuscript, choose Author Center.

Existing manuscripts are found in one of several areas, including but not limited to:

  • Unsubmitted Manuscripts - these are manuscripts that either have not yet been submitted or have been unsubmitted by the editorial office
  • Revised Manuscripts in Draft -these are revisions that have been started but not completed.
  • Submitted Manuscripts - these are manuscripts that have been submitted
  • Manuscripts with Decisions - these are manuscripts that have received a decision from the editorial office

To start a NEW manuscript submission, choose the "Click here to submit a new manuscript" link.

Entering Data

The following screens ask you to enter each piece of data associated with your manuscript. Some of this data may also be included in the text of your manuscript, but needs to be entered in this format in order to make the system searchable by these fields. Some things you will be asked to enter may include:

Type, Title, & Abstract (type of article [Original, Case Report, Letter to the Editor, etc.], the title of the manuscript, and the abstract)

Attributes (keywords)

Authors & Institutions (all authors on the manuscript and their affiliations)

Reviewers (recommended or opposed reviewers)

Details & Comments (cover letter and other manuscript information) 

Press Save and Continue at the bottom of each screen in order to save all of your work. If you press the "Back" or "Forward" button on your browser your work will not be saved.

Upload Your Manuscript Files
The File Upload step is where you upload your files. 

Click on the Browse button to locate the file and click on the name of the file to place it in the box. Select a file designation (Main Document, Image, Table, etc.) that corresponds with the file.

Please refer to the "Author Instructions" for each specific journal to determine the journal preferences of format, and always view your proof carefully prior to submitting. 

Submit Your Manuscript

Click on the green PDF button to view your proof. Once you verify that the proof displays properly, click the Submit button. You will not be able to change it once it is submitted. After you choose to submit, you will see a confirmation screen.