Liquid biopsies for liquid tumors: emerging potential of circulating free nucleic acid evaluation for the management of hematologic malignancies

Jay Hocking, Sridurga Mithraprabhu, Anna Kalff, Andrew Spencer


Circulating free nucleic acids; cell free DNA and circulating micro-RNA, are found in the plasma of patients with hematologic andsolid malignancies at levels higher than that of healthy individuals. In patients with hematologic malignancy cell free DNA reflectsthe underlying tumor mutational profile, whilst micro-RNAs reflect genetic interference mechanisms within a tumor andpotentially the surrounding microenvironment and immune effector cells. These circulating nucleic acids offer a potentiallysimple, non-invasive, repeatable analysis that can aid in diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic decisions in cancer treatment.


Circulating nucleic acids; DNA; miRNA; hematologic malignancy; biopsy

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