Evolving role of adiponectin in cancercontroversies and update

Arnav Katira, Peng H. Tan


Adiponectin (APN), an adipokine produced by adipocytes, has been shown to have a critical role in the pathogenesis of obesityassociatedmalignancies. Through its receptor interactions, APN may exert its anti-carcinogenic effects including regulating cellsurvival, apoptosis and metastasis via a plethora of signalling pathways. Despite the strong evidence supporting this notion, somework may indicate otherwise. Our review addresses all controversies critically. On the whole, hypoadiponectinaemia is associatedwith increased risk of several malignancies and poor prognosis. In addition, various genetic polymorphisms may predisposeindividuals to increased risk of obesity-associated malignancies. We also provide an updated summary on therapeuticinterventions to increase APN levels that are of key interest in this field. To date efforts to manipulate APN levels have beenpromising, but much work remains to be done.


Adiponectin; cancer; therapeutic target

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