Alterations in genes other than EGFR/ALK/ROS1 in non-small cell lung cancer: trials and treatment options

Arpita Desai, Smitha P. Menon, Grace K. Dy


During the last decade, we have seen tremendous progress in the therapy of lung cancer. Discovery of actionable mutations inEGFR and translocations in ALK and ROS1 have identified subsets of patients with excellent tumor response to oral targeted agentswith manageable side effects. In this review, we highlight treatment options including corresponding clinical trials for oncogenicalterations affecting the receptor tyrosine kinases MET, FGFR, NTRK, RET, HER2, HER3, and HER4 as well as components of theRAS-RAF-MEK signaling pathway.


RAS; RAF; MEK; receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK); fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR); non-small cell lung cance (NSCLC)

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