Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastric Stromal Tumors: Report of 70 Cases

Bin WU, Huizhong QIU, Jinghong GUAN, Guole LIN, Yupei ZHAO


OBJECTIVE  To investigate  the diagnosis and treatment  of gastric stro~at tumors (GSTs),
METHODS  The clinical  data from  70 cases with GSTs were analyzed retrospectively.
RESULTS  Wedge resections  were performed on 32 patients and major gastrectomies on 38 patients. The median tumor size was 5,4cm in diameter and 2 out of 70 cases  (2.9%) indicated  positive tyrnph  node metastasis. Immunohistochemical  staining showed 66 out of 70 (94.3%)were positive for CD117, 53 (75.7%) positive for CD34, 24 posilive for SMA and 8 positive for Desmin and $100. Ten out o170 cases rectJrred or metastasized. The 5--year survival rate in Ibis series was 71.3%. The 5-year survival rate of benign and malignant GSTs were 92.3% and 61.8%  (P<0.05) respectively. The 5-year surviw.~[ rate for tumors of size <5 cm and >-5 cm were 95.0% and 48.4% (P< 0.05), respectively.
CONCLUSION  The primary treatment for gastric stromal tumors is surgery. Tumor size and mitotic COLJnts were observed to be important  prognostic indicators.


stomach neoplasm, stromal tumors, diagnosis, treatment.

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