Clinical Features and Mid-Term and Long-Term Outcomes of Surgical Treatment of 8 Patients with Primary Ventricular Tumors

Jianmin YAO, Qingren JIA, Qiren CHENG, Ning LU, Xiangdong ZHAO, Zhibin XIAO, Xiaomeng ZHANG


OBJECTIVE  To summarize the  clinical features  and surgical treatment of pnmary ventricular tumors.
METHODS   Eight patients with primary ventncular tumor, aged 3 to 52 years, underwent  surgical treatment.  There were 6 males and 2 females.  The pathological diagnoses were as follows: multiple left ventricular myxomas in 2  cases:  left  ventricular  rhabdomyoma,  fibroma  and  malignant neurolemmoma in 1 case for each; right ventricular myxoma and malignant neurolemmoma in  1 case for  each: intraseptal  fibroma  in  1 case. The operations were performed through  median sternotomy  with moderate hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass in  7 cases; via left  anterolateral thoracotomy without extracorporeal circulation in 1 case. Tumors were totally removed in 7 cases and subtotally resected in 1 case.
RESULTS  Cardiac arrest after anaesthetization  occurred in  1 case with postoperative coma for 10 days. One case died of massive gastro-intestinal hemorrhage postoperatively. Seven cases survived, During a follow-up period of 1 to 21 years, there was no recurrence or metastasis in the 6 cases who received complete tumor  resection  including  2 cases with malignant tumor.  One case of partial tumor removal had a mild heart murmur without tumor  progression. All patients were asymptomatic with cardiac function grade I .
CONCLUSION  Primary ventricular tumors  showed  diversity in  their histological characteristics. The mid- and long-term outcomes of surgical treatment for primary ventricular tumors appear to be satisfactory.


ventricular tumor, heart tumor, surgical lreatrnent.

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