Colon Cancer Risk Factors in Jiashan County of Zhe jiang Province, the Highest Incidence Area in China

Xianghui WANG, Tonghai LEI, Xinyuan MA, Guiquan LU, Zhaoyi HE, Kaiyan YAO, Kang CHEN, Qilong LI


OBJECTIVE  To investigate  the risk factors  of colon cancer in Jiashan county, the highest incidence area in China and to provide a scientific basis for monitoring and prevention.
METHODS  With a population-based case-control study, 109 colon cancer patients with 1:7 matched controls were interviewed  with uniform questionnaires. Conditional logistic regression was used for univariate and multivariate analysis of colon cancer.
RESULTS  High monthly pork consumption  (OR=1.608), and high monthly animal fat consumption  (OR=1.391) over a ten-year period, psychological depression  (OR=9.887), negative emotion  (OR=1.723), lower  digestivetract diseases  (OR=4.163),  and history of colorectal cancer in first-degree relatives  (OR=3.421) were the main risk factors of colon cancer. During that time,  high monthly vegetable consumption was a protective factor for colon cancer (OR=0.422).

CONCLUSIONS Colon cancer in Jiashan county was related to dietary factors. The research results support the colon cancer etiological hypothesis of" fat-bile acid" and "deficiency  of dietary fibre". Psychological depression, inheritance and lower  digestive tract diseases were also correlated with colon


colorectal neoplasms/epidemiology, colonic neoplasms/epidemiology, risk factors, case-control study.

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