Correlation between Thymidylate Synthase Genotype and Susceptibility to Gastric Carcinoma

Lei YANG, Mingbing XIAO, Runzhou NI, Qinghe TAN, Jinzhi WEI, Jianhong WANG, Bojian GE


OBJECTIVE    To investigate the correlation between polymorphism of the 5’-untranslated region (5’-UTR) of thymidylate synthase genes, as well as the lifestyle, and the susceptibility of gastric carcinoma.
METHODS    A case-control study, with 60 cases of gastric carcinoma and 170 cases of general risk population-based controls from Nantong, Jiangsu province, China, was conducted. The epidemiological data, such as living habits of the cancer patients, were collected. DNA of peripheral blood leukocytes was obtained from all of the subjects. The TS 5’-UTR tandem repeat genotype was detected using polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
RESULTS    There were three TS 5’-UTR genotypes in the group of gastric cancer cases (2R/2R, 2R/3R and 3R/3R) and six TS 5’-UTR genotypes in the group of the controls (2R/2R, 2R/3R, 3R/3R, 2R/4R, 2R/5R and 3R/4R). The genotypic frequencies were respectively 5.0%, 43.3% and 51.7% in the gastric cancer group. Compared with the parameters in the control group, i.e., 4.7%, 31.7%, 60.6%, 1.2%, 1.2% and 0.6%. There were no significant differences between the two groups. Compared with the 3R/3R-genotype individuals who where non-smokers, drank alcohol twice or less each week, drank tea and did not intake pickled food (PF), the risk of gastric cancer signifi cantly went up in the 2R/2R or 2R/3R-genotype people who had habits of smoking, drinking alcohol more than twice each week, no tea drinking but with frequent intake of PF. The adjusted ORs were as follows, 3.79 (95% CI: 2.45~8.64), 3.41 (95% CI: 1.21~8.47), 5.99 (95% CI:3.01~14.7), and 3.61 (95% CI: 1.81~8.78).
CONCLUSION    There is an obvious correlation between the polymorphisms of TS 5’-UTR genotypes and the lifestyle of individuals in the development of gastric carcinoma.


gastric cancer, thymidylate synthase genotype, smoking, alcohol drinking,tea drinking, pickled food.

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