Advances in Multidisciplinary Treatment of Rectal Cancer

Changlin ZHAO, Hongqin SUN, Yang YANG, Huimian XU


To summarize the advances in the multidisciplinary treatment of rectal cancer and to analyze the existing problems and development prospects. The full text database retrieval system of MEDLINE and the periodicals of CHKD were searched. The words “rectal cancer, diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, analysis” were used as key words for retrieval of literature concerning the values and clinical significance of rectal cancer multidisciplinary treatment from January, 2000 to December, 2007. Thirty papers were selected, of which 26 were used in analysis at last. Accurate preoperative staging of rectal cancer is a key factor in the multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatment of patients. A new therapy which is combined with radical operation can reduce the rate of local recurrence, prolong survival time, and particularly, promote the rate of sphincter preservation. Radical surgery combined with adjuvant therapy is still recognized as standard treatment modality for the patients with rectal cancer in stage II-III. Total removal of resectable metastases followed by prompt standard adjuvant therapy may extend survival time. The introduction of new chemical drugs, drugs of targeting therapy, and a regimen of combination therapy may improve outcomes in treatment for rectal cancer patients. A treatment standard for rectal cancer patients needs to be actively pursued. Compared with colon cancer patients, there has not been sufficient evidence to confi rm that the total survival rate of rectal cancer patients a t er multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatments has been improved; therefore, it needs to be further studied.


rectal cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy,

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