Role of the mechanical microenvironment in cancer development and progression

Qiuping Liu, Qing Luo, Yang Ju, et al.


Cross-talk between tumor cells and mechanical stress in the tumor microenvironment has been shown to be involved in carcinogenesis.High mechanical stress in tumors can alter the metabolism and behaviors of cancer cells and cause cancer cells to attain cancer stem-likecell properties, thus driving tumor progression and promoting metastasis. The mechanical signal is converted into a biochemical signalthat activates tumorigenic signaling pathways through mechanotransduction. Herein, we describe the physical changes occurringduring reprogramming of cancer cell metabolism, which regulate cancer stem cell functions and promote tumor progression andaggression. Furthermore, we highlight emerging therapeutic strategies targeting mechanotransduction signaling pathways.

Cite this article as: Liu Q, Luo Q, Ju Y, Song G. Role of the mechanicalmicroenvironment in cancer development and progression. Cancer Biol Med.2020; 17: 282-292. doi: 10.20892/j.issn.2095-3941.2019.0437


Cancer stem cell; cell metabolism; mechanical force; tumor progression

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