Crucial role of Anxa2 in cancer progression: highlights on its novel regulatory mechanism

Tong Wang, Zhiyong Wang, Ruifang Niu, et al.


Anxa2 is the most studied member of the calcium-mediated phospholipid-binding protein family annexins and is a biomarker incancers. In this review, we listed clinical findings and confirmed the value of Anxa2 in early diagnosis and prognostic predictiondue to its overexpression and adverse effect on the outcome in most tumors. Anxa2 plays a pivotal role in cancer cell proliferation,migration, invasion, metastasis, and treatment resistance. Improved understanding of its cancer-promoting function might makeit an ideal target for cancer therapy. Here, we systematically summarized the mechanism of Anxa2 in regulating epithelialmesenchymaltransition (EMT), cytoskeleton dynamicity, cell cycle, apoptosis, angiogenesis, and immunology by using varioustumor models. These data emphasize the potential of Anxa2 for targeted intervention in tumors. Altering Anxa2 expression,neutralizing the cell surface Anxa2, or inhibiting its activation, such as through Tyr23 phosphorylation, could be considered basedon the regulatory mechanism of Anxa2 in tumor progression.

Cite this article as: Wang T, Wang Z, Niu R, Wang L. Crucial role of Anxa2in cancer progression: highlights on its novel regulatory mechanism. CancerBiol Med. 2019; 16: 671-87. doi: 10.20892/j.issn.2095-3941.2019.0228


Anxa2; cancer; diagnosis; prognosis; metastasis; treatment resistance

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