The crosstalk between autophagy and ferroptosis: what can we learn to target drug resistance in cancer?

Yulu Zhou, Yong Shen, Cong Chen, et al.


Autophagy is a conserved intracellular degradation system that plays a dual role in cell death; thus, therapies targeting autophagyin cancer are somewhat controversial. Ferroptosis is a new form of regulated cell death featured with the iron-dependentaccumulation of lethal lipid ROS. This pathway is morphologically, biochemically and genetically distinct from other forms of celldeath. Accumulating studies have revealed crosstalk between autophagy and ferroptosis at the molecular level. In this review, wesummarize the mechanisms of ferroptosis and autophagy, and more importantly, their roles in the drug resistance of cancer.Numerous connections between ferroptosis and autophagy have been revealed, and a strong causal relationship exists wherein oneprocess controls the other and can be utilized as potential therapeutic targets for cancer. The elucidation of when and how tomodulate their crosstalk using therapeutic strategies depends on an understanding of the fine-tuned switch between ferroptosisand autophagy, and approaches designed to manipulate the intensity of autophagy might be the key.

Cite this article as: Zhou Y, Shen Y, Chen C, Sui X, Yang J, Wang L, et al. Thecrosstalk between autophagy and ferroptosis: what can we learn to target drugresistance in cancer? Cancer Biol Med. 2019; 16: 630-46. doi:10.20892/j.issn.2095-3941.2019.0158


Autophagy; ferroptosis; crosstalk; cancer; drug resistance

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