Natural and artificial small RNAs: a promising avenue of nucleic acid therapeutics for cancer

Sunny Yadav, et al.


Since the failure of traditional therapy, gene therapy using functional DNA sequence and small RNA/DNA molecules(oligonucleotide) has become a promising avenue for cancer treatment. The discovery of RNA molecules has impelled researchersto investigate small regulatory RNA from various natural and artificial sources and determine a cogent target for controlling tumorprogression. Small regulatory RNAs are used for therapeutic silencing of oncogenes and aberrant DNA repair response genes.Despite their advantages, therapies based on small RNAs exhibit limitations in terms of stability of therapeutic drugs, precisionbaseddelivery in tissues, precision-based intercellular and intracellular targeting, and tumor heterogeneity-based responses. In thisstudy, we summarize the potential and drawbacks of small RNAs in nucleic acid therapeutics for cancer.


Cancer; drug targeting; gene; intracellular; therapeutics; tumor heterogeneity

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