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Cancer Biology & Medicine

Cancer Biology & Medicine is a peer-reviewed open-access journal published by the Chinese Anti-cancer Association (CACA), which is the leading professional society of oncology in China. Published quarterly, the journal provides innovative and significant information on the biological basis of cancer, cancer microenvironment, translational cancer research, and all aspects of clinical cancer research. The journal also publishes significant perspectives on indigenous cancer types in China. The scope covers the following topics:

● Cancer genetics

● Cancer and stem cell biology

● Molecular and clinical immunology

● Cancer prevention and epidemiology

● Cancer biomarkers

● Radiation oncology

● Oncology clinical trials

● Mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance

● Targeted therapy and immunotherapy

● Multidisciplinary treatment and personalized medicine

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Publication of the 4th issue in 2018


The 4th issue in 2018 has been published. The 4 reviews focus on m6A mRNA methylation in cancer, microfluidics-based circulating tumor cell isolation and detection, G2/M inhibitors for glioblastoma treatment, and HER inhibitors for ovarian cancer therapy, respectively. Latest researches on hepatocellular carcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and breast cancer were presented. Particularly, as a new column, multidisciplinary team (MDT) forum shows a systematic discussion of 2 cases of primary intestinal yolk sac tumor. An expert consensus on serum marker for thyroid cancer (2017 edition, Chinese Association of Thyroid Oncology) is also included.

We hope all of these articles will greatly benefit your research and clinical practice. Welcome to submit your work to Cancer Biology & Medicine.

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Posted: 2018-11-15

Publication of the 3rd issue in 2018


The 3rd issue in 2018 has been published. Two themed reviews focus on immunotherapy for lymphoma and ATM gene in breast and brain tumors, respectively. Researches on popular topics, such as long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) and programmed cell death ligand 1(PD-L1) were also presented. Besides, one excellent case report displayed extracranial metastasis of anaplastic oligoastrocytoma, and another case is related to precision treatment for breast cancer. We hope all of these articles will greatly benefit your research and clinical practice.

Welcome to submit your work to Cancer Biology & Medicine

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Posted: 2018-08-15
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Vol 15, No 4: November 2018

Table of Contents


Aberrant expression of enzymes regulating m6A mRNA methylation: implication in cancer PDF HTML
Natalia Pinello, Stephanie Sun, Justin Jong-Leong Wong 323-334
Advances in isolation and detection of circulating tumor cells based on microfluidics PDF HTML
Dan Zou, Daxiang Cui 335-353
G2/M inhibitors as pharmacotherapeutic opportunities for glioblastoma: the old, the new, and the future PDF HTML
Angel Mauricio Castro-Gamero, Julia Alejandra Pezuk, María Sol Brassesco, Luiz Gonzaga Tone 354-374
Human epidermal growth factor receptor targeted inhibitors for the treatment of ovarian cancer PDF HTML
Maria Bonello, Andrew Harvey Sims, Simon Peter Langdon 375-388

Original Article

PKM2 promotes reductive glutamine metabolism PDF HTML
Miao Liu, Yuanyuan Wang, Yuxia Ruan, Changsen Bai, Li Qiu, Yanfen Cui, Guoguang Ying, Binghui Li 389-399
Flotillin1 promotes EMT of human small cell lung cancer via TGF-β signaling pathway PDF HTML
Lianmei Zhao, Jie Li, Yueping Liu, Wei Zhou, Yanan Shan, Xinyi Fan, Xinliang Zhou, Baoen Shan, Yongmei Song, Qimin Zhan 400-414
A new tumor-associated antigen prognostic scoring system for spontaneous ruptured hepatocellular carcinoma after partial hepatectomy PDF HTML
Jingjing Wu, Peng Zhu, Zhanguo Zhang, Bixiang Zhang, Chang Shu, Lin Chen, Renjie Feng, Abdoul aziz Mba'nbo koumpa, Ganxun Li, Qianyun Ge 415-424
Five-CpG-based prognostic signature for predicting survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients PDF HTML
Feng Fang, Xiaoqing Wang, Tianqiang Song 425-433
PD-L1 expression and its effect on clinical outcomes of EGFR-mutant NSCLC patients treated with EGFR-TKIs PDF HTML
Yuchen Bai, Xiaoxia Chen, Likun Hou, Jun Qian, Tao Jiang, Caicun Zhou, Maciej Ciebiada 434-442
Prognostic factors of refractory NSCLC patients receiving anlotinib hydrochloride as the third- or further-line treatment PDF HTML
Jing Wang, Yizhuo Zhao, Qiming Wang, Li Zhang, Jianhua Shi, Zhehai Wang, Ying Cheng, Jianxing He, Yuankai Shi, Hao Yu, Yang Zhao, Weiqiang Chen, Yi Luo, Xiuwen Wang, Kejun Nan, Faguang Jin, Jian Dong, Baolan Li, Zhujun Liu, Baohui Han, Kai Li 443-451
Comparison of sentinel lymph node detection performances using blue dye in conjunction with indocyanine green or radioisotope in breast cancer patients: a prospective singlecenter randomized study PDF HTML
Long Yuan, Xiaowei Qi, Yi Zhang, Xinhua Yang, Fan Zhang, Linjun Fan, Li Chen, Kongyong Zhang, Ling Zhong, Yanling Li, Sijie Gan, Wenying Fu, Jun Jiang 452-460

MDT Case Study

Multidisciplinary team for the diagnosis and treatment of 2 cases of primary intestinal yolk sac tumor PDF HTML
Qiujuan Huang, Changxu Liu, Ruijun Tang, Jie Li, Wei Li, Lei Zhu, Yuhong Guo, Lin Zhang, Tongyuan Qu, Lingyi Yang, Lingmei Li, Yalei Wang, Baocun Sun, Bin Meng, Jie Yan, Wengui Xu, Huilai Zhang, Dengfeng Cao, Wenfeng Cao 461-467


2017 Chinese expert consensus on the clinical application of serum marker for thyroid cancer PDF HTML
Ming Gao, Minghua Ge, Qinghai Ji, Ruochuan Cheng, Hankui Lu, Haixia Guan, Wei Cui, Li Gao, Zairong Gao, Lin Guo, Zhuming Guo, Tao Huang, Xiaoming Huang, Yansong Lin, Qinjiang Liu, Xin Ni, Jianwu Qin, Li Ren, Zhongyan Shan, Hui Sun, Xudong Wang, Zhengang Xu, Yang Yu, Bin Zhang, Daiwei Zhao, Ying Zheng, Jingqiang Zhu, Xiangqian Zheng, Chinese Association of Thyroid Oncology (CATO), China Anti-Cancer Association 468-477


Erratum to Analysis of factors related to non-sentinel lymph node metastasis in 296 sentinel lymph node-positive Chinese breast cancer patients PDF HTML
Amina Maimaitiaili, Di Wu, Zhenyu Liu, Haimeng Liu, Xiamusiye Muyiduli, Zhimin Fan 478