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Cancer Biology & Medicine

Cancer Biology & Medicine is a peer-reviewed open-access journal published by the Chinese Anti-cancer Association (CACA), which is the leading professional society of oncology in China. Published quarterly, the journal provides innovative andsignificant information on the biological basis of cancer, cancer microenvironment, translational cancer research, and all aspects of clinical cancer research. The journal also publishes significant perspectives on indigenous cancer types in China. The scope covers the following topics:

● Cancer genetics

● Cancer and stem cell biology

● Molecular and clinical immunology

● Cancer prevention and epidemiology

● Cancer biomarkers

● Radiation oncology

● Oncology clinical trials

● Mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance

● Targeted therapy and immunotherapy

● Multidisciplinary treatment and personalized medicine

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Special Issue on Cancer Nanomedicine


Cancer Biology & Medicine Special Issue on Cancer Nanomedicine has been recently published. The content involves recent advances and basic principles of nanomedicine with a particular emphasis on the design and construction of various multifunctional nanoparticles for cancer imaging (diagnosis), therapy and theranostics. We sincerely hope these articles and authors' insights will provide you with a full view of cancer nanomedicine.


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Posted: 2016-12-01

European Cancer Congress 2017


The European Cancer Congress 2017 will be held on January 27-30, 2016 in Amsterdam,.

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Posted: 2016-11-02
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Vol 13, No 3: September 2016 (Special Issue on Cancer Nanomedicine)

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Preface

Nanomedicine has opened new avenues for cancer diagnosis and therapy PDF
Zhi-Fei Dai 297-298


Advances in biodegradable nanomaterials for photothermal therapy of cancer PDF
Chao-Feng He, Shun-Hao Wang, Ying-Jie Yu, He-Yun Shen, Yan Zhao, Hui-Ling Gao, Hai Wang, Lin-Lin Li, Hui-Yu Liu 299-312
Nanomaterials incorporated ultrasound contrast agents for cancer theranostics PDF
Lei Fu, Heng-Te Ke 313-324
Recent advances of sonodynamic therapy in cancer treatment PDF
Guo-Yun Wan, Yang Liu, Bo-Wei Chen, Yuan-Yuan Liu, Yin-Song Wang, Ning Zhang 325-338
Multimodality imaging in nanomedicine and nanotheranostics PDF
Xue Li, Xue-Ning Zhang, Xiao-Dong Li, Jin Chang 339-348
Clinical management of myelodysplastic syndrome/myeloproliferative neoplasm overlap syndromes PDF
Joseph A. Clara, David A. Sallman, Eric Padron 360-372
The role of radiotherapy in the management of localized soft tissue sarcomas PDF
Siaw Sze Tiong, Colleen Dickie, Rick L. Haas, Brian O’ Sullivan 373-383

Original Article

Near-infrared dye-loaded magnetic nanoparticles as photoacoustic contrast agent for enhanced tumor imaging PDF
Chuang Gao, Zi-Jian Deng, Dong Peng, Yu-Shen Jin, Yan Ma, Yan-Yan Li, Yu-Kun Zhu, Jian-Zhong Xi, Jie Tian, Zhi-Fei Dai, Chang-Hui Li, Xiao-Long Liang 349-359
Implantable port thrombosis in cancer patients: a monocentric experience PDF
Manel Dridi, Nesrine Mejri, Soumaya Labidi, Mehdi Afrit, Houda El Benna, Khaoula Ben Miled, Hamouda Boussen 384-388

Case Report

Primary peritoneal carcinoma metastasizing to breast: a single case report and literature review from clinic to biology PDF
Ji-Yuan Sun, Wondwossen Gebre, Yi-Min Dong, Xiao Shaun, Rachel Robbins, Alida Podrumar 389-395
Sarcoidosis imitating breast cancer metastasis: a case report and literature review PDF
Teimuraz Kochoyan, Mobil Akhmedov, Alexander Shabanov, Ilya Terekhov 396-398
Occurrence of lymphoma in non-gonadal organ during pregnancy: a report on four cases and literature review PDF
Da-Lin Gao, Qian-Qian Fu, Tian-Tian Zhang, Lin Sun, Yi Pan, Qiong-Li Zhai 399-403